Try our New MMA Toolbar for your browser and get live updates from all major fighting sites!

mma toolbar

What is a toolbar you ask? It is a small plug in that ads to the top part of your web browser right below your menu. This toolbar has been tailored to Mixed Martial Arts. Why visit every MMA site on a daily basis in search for the latest MMA news and gossip if you can have all the major websites at one click. Install our toolbar and see how easy it is to stay current with pages like, sherdog, mmaweekly and many more.

Here is how it works. The toolbar has several sections to make your web-quests a breeze. The most frequently used tab is the news tab. It pulls in all the latest news headlines from around the net and sorts them for you by site that it was published on. If you see a headline you like with a simple click it will take you to the original article. We keep the list of sites updated and will add new ones as they become available and offer valuable info for our users.

mma chat

A new feature that we are testing right now is the mma chat tab. Click on this and you will enter a chatroom for mma talk. We are testing this right now and want to use this in the future to chat with people live from the events. Catch up with your friends and talk about anything mma and give us your feedback. As always it is greatly appreciated.

The toolbar has also some more interesting features. It has an integrated web radio that lets you stream music for free from around the world. You will find music that none of the local stations are playing and not have to listen to hours of babbling.
And then there is our Message center. This tab allows us to send messages and updates to all our toolbar users. The email-notifier is a great tool for staying on top of your email without having to log into your account all the time. This tool will inform you when you have mail. It supports multiple accounts and that’s where the true power of the notifier comes in to play.

As a neat little bonus the toolbar also shows you what the weather and the temperature is in the area you live.

Give it a try you’ll love it and it is secure. Click here to install!